October 18th – 25th 2014

Mark, alongside Todd Venning was the co-founder and Co-director of Sydney Craft Beer Week, one of the largest beer festivals in Australia. The week included many innovate events created by Sydney Craft Beer Week team, that combined food, entertainment, local and international celebrities. The year prior to selling Sydney Craft Beer week (2017) held 157 events across the entire span of Sydney. Held across Sydney’s leading edge venues including craft breweries, pubs restaurants, galleries and pop up installations. It attracts a spectrum of eager and adventurous patrons.Craft beer is a thriving culinary movement; it’s a burgeoning cottage industry and it’s a scene that reflects the energy and diversity of the city itself.The signature event, Hair of the Dog Breakfast underpinned the beginning of Melbourne Good Beer Week and Sydney Craft Beer Week. Selling out, each year, in minutes. The event had custom made beers and matched 6 courses with 8 beers at 10am. Sydney Craft Beer week was built on the back of BeermenTV, hosted by Mark David, Todd Venning and Damien Siviero. BeermenTV, was the first video beer review blog in the world and was used as Apple iTunes homepage globally for a year. Reviewing beers with irreverence, humour and a little beer nerderyfrom all over the globe.